Happy National Apple Strudel Day! with wine


It’s a little odd that America would have a holiday for a traditionally Austrian and Hungarian dessert, but we’re not complaining. How can you when apple is one of the the most American fruits, in my opinion at least. Truth be told, I’ve only eaten an apple strudel once in my life. It wasn’t something I’d write home about, but we’re still going to devote a post celebrating this European pastry that has been around for centuries.

A strudel is a layered pastry with a filling inside. Apple is one of the most common filling used. The strudel became popular in the 1700s through the Hasburg Empire in Austria. Since Austria has been influenced by the cuisine of countless countries, you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that strudel isn’t a “new” thing. It’s related to the Mediterranean baklava.

The filling of an apple strudel usually consists of grated apples, sugar, cinnamon, raisins, and bread crumbs. If you want the extra juicy strudel, make sure you have good cooking apples that re crisp. Winesap apples are supposed to be the best choice.

If you want your apple strudel to be the best out there the the pastry should be thin and flexible. Naturally that isn’t easy. Knead the dough by hitting it again a table top. You’re trying to eliminate all the thick and chunkiness. If you can’t, then you must get a new batch of dough. The dough should be so stretchy that it could often be as large a bed.

The next step is to add the filling, then bake in a pan in the oven. When it’s finally done, the apple strudel is sliced up and served warm. There are a variety of different toppings for an apple strudel too. Some of the more common ones are powdered sugar, vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

The ability to eat delicious desserts on occasion is one of the many reasons why I exercise!

Happy eating with desserts wine!

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