Wine Tasting – A Preference For Red Or White

For many of us wine is something of a mystery and when we are buying wine it comes down to a simple choice between red and white and what our local supermarket has available in its “special offer” bin. But wine really isn’t such a mystery at all and, in this area at least, a little knowledge can get you a very long way.

The starting point is to understand the different types of wine available and here we can divide wines into five main groups.

1402_25Red Wine :-

Red wine is fermented from what many people would refer to as red grapes but which are in fact more correctly named black grapes. In the case of red wine the grapes are used whole for fermentation, that is to say complete with skin and pips, and it is the skin which gives the wine its red color.

There are a wide variety of black grapes available each with its own distinctive flavor which is derived principally from the soil and climate in the region where the grapes are grown. This, together with the winemaker’s art of mixing, allows us to enjoy a range of red wines from the deep blackcurrant color of the full-bodied and intensely flavored wines produced from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape to the lighter cherry and raspberry taste gained from the Pinot Noir grape.

Rose Wine :-

Rosé wines are again produced from black grapes but, in this case, the juice is separated off part way through the fermentation process and at the point at which the winemaker determines that the juice contains sufficient color to give the finished wine the pink color that he is looking for.

Once again the flavor of the finished wine depends very much on the grape used for fermentation and some of the finest rosé wines are produced from the Grenache grape. Often thought of as a French grape, Grenache noir is the world’s most widely planted grape and probably originates from Spain. As well as often being used to produce rosé wines, it is also commonly used as a base for many blended wines including such well known names as Chateauneuf du Pape and Cotes du Rhône.

Blush wine :-

Blush wine is sometimes referred to as California’s version of rosé wine and is produced in much the same way as rosé wine. In this case however the grape most often used is the Zinfandal grape which produces a slightly sweet pink wine which also shows a somewhat blue color. The Zinfandal grape originates in Croatia but has been grown widely in the US for more than 150 years now and is considered indigenous to California.

White wine :-

Believe it or not white wine can be made from either white or black grapes, as the juice from either grape is colorless and it is only the skin of the black grape that gives red wine its color.

The flavors available across the range of white wines vary tremendously according to the grape used, the winemaker’s art and the degree to which different juices are blended to create the finished wine.

Dry white wines often come from grapes such as Muscadet or Sauvignon Blanc while richer fruit-flavored wines are more likely to be based upon the Chardonnay grape.

Sparkling wines :-

Sparkling wines, of which Champagne is clearly the best known example, are based upon a dry white wine. Here the wine is bottled and a solution of sugar and yeast is added before the bottle is sealed. The sugar and yeast solution causes a secondary fermentation and sealing the bottles at the start of this process traps the gas produced by this fermentation within the wine to give it its sparkle when the bottle is opened.

Red Wine Benefits Improve Your Health

If you are an alcohol lover and would like to have glass or two every day Red Wine is for you. There are so many benefits to drinking red wine that you would be surprised. Thought there is a common belief that any kind of alcohol is bad for health I beg to differ infact red wine is good for you.

The antioxidants in red wine known as flavonoids prove extremely good for your body. They help in reducing lipoprotein which is commonly known as bad cholesterol. Infact it works towards improving your good cholesterol. This results in better test results of your lipid profile. Basically red wine works like a charm for your heart.

1402_25Redwines also have phytochemicals which are mainly found in plants and are considered extremely good antioxidants. Catechins and reseveratrol are the two main forms. It has been proved by many researchers that wine is good for heart and it minimizes the risks of heart diseases including possibility of a heart attack.

However, the health benefits of drinking red wine does not limit to only heart benefits. Researches have proved that redline can also reduce risk of cancer. The antioxidants work wonders for brain cells as well.

Now that you know so many benefits of Red Wine you might want to indulge in drinking some of the nicest 90+ wines available out there. As long as you know your limits drinking can never be harmful. Hence, you should resist over consumption of red wine. But if you want to buy some quality red wines including Columbia Crest H3 you might want to check out which has free shipping and tons of coupon codes for discounts.

Moderate consumption of red wine will let you enjoy all the health benefits it tends to provide the drinker. Moderate consumption means one to two glasses per day for men and a glass a day for women. Now, if you think that you can abstain from drinking red wine for a week and then consume a good amount of it over the weekend. You are wrong red wine is something which is to be consumed on regular basis in moderate proportions.

Drink red wine. It’s healthy. Don’t over do it. Just moderate consumption will work wonders for your health.

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Red and White Wine – The Differences


Most people have tried various red wines and white wines and still have no idea what differentiates both. If you do not have a clue, then this article will give you the factors to consider in addition to the obvious color. Red and white wines can be dry or sweet, or anywhere in between.


Red Wine

Red wine is more robust, more complex than white wines. White wines are generally lighter without the complexity of red wines. Although the grapes used are important, but the main difference is in the fermentation process. The red wines are mostly made of red and black grapes, and white wines from grapes. Sometimes, red grapes, black and white are combined.

During the process of fermentation of white wine, stems, seeds and grape skin are gently removed from the grape juice after it is ejected from the machine press. In addition, during the process of fermentation of red wine grape stems, seeds and grape skin is left in the squeezed juice. Leaving the stems, seeds and grape skins in the juice it produces tannins and pigments and ingredients are also responsible for the complexity of red wines.

Tannins are compounds that are present in grapes and other plants. When you participate in drinking a cup of tea, strong bitter taste is due to the tannins. These tannins act to prevent oxidation of the wine during the aging process. This is very important in the prevention of red wines, which are generally older and aged for much longer period of time than white. Because tannins are aging and provide another layer of flavor, thus increasing the complexity of the wine and make it more robust. Bite down and smooth tannins as the wine ages.


White Wine

Red and white wine can make an excellent addition to your delicious meal, depending on the make and model you choose. The rules for choosing the type of wine to match the food is polished, but the differences in wine do provide some guidelines. I will choose the red wine to accompany my meal strong flavor, it is more complex and more robust in flavor.

White wines, on the other hand, I’ll get my food less spicy. Some people prefer the red and white meat fish dishes and chicken. The most important factor when choosing a wine for a meal at your convenience. As the dry, light, sweet or slightly in the middle? Regardless of what wine you choose for your meal, sit and relax and pour yourself a drink while enjoying your food slowly.

While enjoying your meal take a sip of your favorite well without any food in your mouth wine. Some people make the mistake of drinking wine during mastication. The proper etiquette is to enjoy your favorite wine delicious food after chewing. This is the only way to really enjoy the food and get the actual wine.

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Fine Wine Italian Style: The Beauty Of Italian Wine

Fine wine often brings to mind images of French rolling hills and elegant dinners, however, Italy’s twenty regions bring to the platform a variety of wines for your dining pleasure.

Italian Wine making has a rich tradition in modern and rustic methods, although much of the country’s wineries now employ scientific and technological tools to create quality wines. Wines of the country are made primarily from two types of grapes, Nebbiolo and Sangiovese. Nebbiolo grapes are used in the Northwester the country, creating the reds Barolo and Barbaresco. The Sangiovese grapes create one of the most famous Italian wines, Chianti, and are native to central Tuscany and Umbria regions.

Wines of Italy are divided into four categories based on the origin, quality and purity. When shopping for a good Italian wine, look for those with the name “Denomination of Origin Controlled and Garantita DOCG”, awarded to wines with a solid reputation. This designation considers region, production yields, and a Department of Commerce at least five years. DOC indicates the origin of the wine, the type of grapes used for wine making, and production methods. DOCG is a designation following strict guidelines that the Department of Commerce, which includes a home warranty.


The five northwestern regions produce more than a quarter of the DOC wines of the country, but only about twenty percent of the total wine production in the country. This, then, is a good place to start when shopping for Italian wine, like many wines sold Italian wine group in the region, either in general terms, as the Northwest, or a specific region, such as Piedmont. The Piedmont region creates a series of DOC and DOCG wines.

The Northeast region is home to two of the schools came from Italy, and accounts for about a third of the country’s DOC wines. The three regions generate around one fifth of total wine production in Italy. Veneto, one of the regions, which now produces more wine than any other region of the country.

Central Italy, consisting of six regions, accounts for about twenty percent of the production of wines and DOC. The tradition of winemaking in this region has often been traditional, the region is moving towards more contemporary wine making methods, and overall quality has improved. Some experts believe it came from this region continue to make great advances in winemaking, so for those who love red wine, this is an area worth seeing. Chianti Tuscany creates the well known as well as a variety of other Tuscan red wines.

The southern region, which includes the islands, is composed of six regions. These regions produce about forty percent of the total, but only fourteen percent of DOC and DOCG wines. The region is focusing on overall quality, and this, too, is a region worth watching. For those interested in consistent quality wines, many production in the region offer just that.

For those new to wine or desire additional information Italian, there are a lot of sources. An importer specializing in Italian wines is one of the best sources of information on the best Italian wines, and can provide suggestions based on your individual preferences. You can also do your own research and tasting based on your style and preferences. As with many things Italian, the wines are some of the finer pleasures. is the online wine retailer, offering thousands of wines, wine gifts, gift baskets and monthly wine clubs. Enjoy free shipping on all orders. Try it free for Coupon Codes!

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Cabernet Sauvignon – pride of California wine fraternity

Cabernet bottles Sauvignon is a very popular type of red grapes. It is widely used for bottles production all over the globe. It shares the top position with Chardonnay which is a green skinned grapes species. Cabernet bottles Sauvignon is widely cultivated in almost every wine-producing regions around the globe. This grapes variety needs a lengthy growing season to be ripened properly but the major shortcoming of this particular grapes is – it yields very low.


The Cabernet bottles Sauvignon berries have very tough skin which guards it from different diseases and wastage and provides it power to put up with the autumn rains. Due to these particular properties and excellent fragrance, Cabernet bottles Sauvignon has become globally popular.

The best growing places for Cabernet bottles Sauvignon are in semi-arid regions, accommodating a lengthy-growing season with well-drained and not-high-fertile soils and with moderately warm climate. The best examples of Cabernet bottles Sauvignon producing areas are Sonoma Country’s Alexander Valley, wide areas of Napa Valley and Paso Robles area of Central Coast.

Like any other imperial bottles grapes categories, Cabernet bottles Sauvignon is also of the Vitis vinifera species. According to the genetic science, it is the resultant effect of a cross between Cabernet bottles Franc and Sauvignon Blanc.

This particular grapes is used in almost every Bordeaux bottles of bottles. Numerous red bottles of bottles are compiled with Cabernet bottles Sauvignon grapes, such as Red Bordeaux which is considered as globe greatest red beverages.

Cabernet Sauvignon acquired the top place in America’s popular red bottles of bottles chart in early-60s. It snatched the first place from “burgundy” and till now it is the “numero uno” of American bottles lover’s list.

The Cabernet bottles Sauvignon grapes has thick skin which results high tannin in bottles. This gives the bottles of bottles structure and ageability. This property with frequent fragrance and a lucrative finish also tends to lack mid-palate richness and it is often mingled with less tannin, but “pulpy” taste grapes; such as Merlot and Shiraz or Syrah which are found especially in Australia.

Fine Wine Is Just A Click Away – Buy The Best Wines Online

We have many options when it comes to buying wine. Some buy wine for a specific occasionor simply as a gift to pass on to friends or family. In most cities and countries, wine plays a major part in many lifestyles. Wine has become highly popular and is enjoyed across the world. People can visit wine shops that have a vast selection and many options of different wines to chose from. Nonetheless, some individuals are overtly busy and don’t always have the time to purchase the wine of their choice. This is why buying wine online is a great option.

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